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Antyxsoft Cloud Database Enterprise provides cloud-based databases, which are powered by “Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition”. It is a fully available and configurable database service, which reduces customer’s management overhead. Antyxsoft Cloud Database Enterprise allows users to easily deploy multiple databases, using flexible resource allocation, according to their actual needs. Customers can use their databases simply and easily, with the same tools they use for their on-premise bases.

As all Antyxsoft IaaS, Cloud Databases can be managed through Workspace, which can be accessed via Antyxsoft Cloud. Workspace enables the user to monitor and control the size of data files and log files. In addition, the user can take advantage of the maintenance tools available for the backup and restoration of databases and reduce the size of database data and log files, by shrinking database files. Standard database characteristics include data backup (7 days retention period), SLA 99,99% with refund and high-performance storage, thanks to high level Storage Area Network equipment, ensuring even greater protection, availability and expandability.

General Features

 Database monitor and management, for the control of the availability and performance of your cloud database. High-performance storage, for even greater protection, availability and scalability.

 Data backup - Backup is included, with 7 days retention period
  99,9% financially backed-up SLA 

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