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Available Add-ons
Available Add-ons
Antyxsoft cloud data center allows the user to create and manage both private and public clouds. The user is able to easily create and provision instances of vistual machines and allocate their resources flexibly, according to his/her business' current needs.

Each user is considered as an independent tenant with his/her own private infrastructure and is assigned an isolated class-C private netwrok. A dedicated cloud getaway is automatically provisioned, during tenant initialization and provides connectivity between the underlying cloud data center network and external networks. The entire infrastructure can be easily managed, thanks to an easy and simple to use interface (Workspace) accessed via Antyxsoft Cloud. More specifically, from a single pane of view, the user is able to perform basic administrative tasks, such as restart or shutdown a cloud server, take snapsnots, reset the administrator password, etc.

Users can, also, monitor their resources and receive alerts through the integrated Cloud Monitor service that is automatically provisioned and configured for each Cloud Data Center. Cloud Monitor can be upgraded to provide a separate management portal, while, at the same time, advanced employed monitoring mechanisms ensure that shared resources are not abused by other tenants.

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High – performance storage:cloud infrastructure is based on central storage systems, which consist of high level Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment, ensuring high data protection by use of both standard RAID disk array configurations and advanced network RAID levels.

Fiber optics: Antyxsoft cooperates with data centers, which maintain multiple Gigabit fiber optics internet connections, with both Greek and international carriers. Special networking equipment, wired connections and state-of-the-art routers and application switches ensure fast system responses and high throughput of all critical running services and applications.

Cloud firewall and antivirus are available for all cloud infrastructures, protecting it and your data against unauthorized access and other types of internet security threats. By installing them, you ensure that your infrastructure is armed with highly accurate and efficient threat detection.
  With Antyxsoft cloud, you can monitor and control the availability and performance of your infrastructure, via an easy and simple web-based interface. All virtual machines are equipped with a robust monitoring and alerting mechanism, which assist IT admins to monitor key performance indicators.

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CPU core
14,10 € / Month
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IOPS (400)
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A manageable firewall for your cloud infrastructure.
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Standard Firewall
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Firewall for your cloud infrastructure, through an easy-to-use, web based GUI
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Storage (10GB)
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